About us

Hello, my name is Bailey. I am 27 years old & born and raised in Yuba City, CA. I’m a stay at home mommy to a beautiful 3 year old little girl, Brielle. She is my world! I am married to my husband Luke. I wanted to find something to do from home so that I could continue to stay home with my daughter but also contribute to finances! I have been around candles since I was 7 years old! My mom was a Gold Canyon consultant for almost 20 years! I helped her all the time with candle parties, packaging orders, putting together fundraiser orders, starting at age 7! Some probably remember me being a little girl helping her out at all her candle parties. In 2020 Gold Canyon shut their doors. We were so sad when we got the news! It was a huge part of our lives.. So, I decided I’d try it out myself hand making & pouring candles.. when I tried it, I LOVED it! It’s a lot of work, but I enjoy it so much! So here we are.. Rustic Willow Candle Co. We hope you enjoy our site and products!
Love always,
Bailey ❤️